Ms. Lisa's Acro & Tumbling is the second location of Ms. Lisa's Dance. Ms. Lisa's Acro & Tumbling offers acro classes for all levels starting at age 2. A safe environment where students can dance and learn by trained acrobatic certified teachers! 


Ms. Lisa's Acrobatic Curriculum:

Ms. Lisa's Acro & Tumbling follows the Acrobatic Arts program. Acrobatic Arts uses progressions & levels to progress dancers safely and quickly from skill to skill. Ms. Lisa's offers 6 leveled classes that allow dancers to progress at their own pace and ability. Once a student has mastered the skills and porgressions for one level they are evaluated and moved into the next level.


What is Acro & Tumbling?

Acro is a fusion of dance technique and Acrobatics. Acrobatics incorporate s skills often seen in gymnastics. Acro techqniues include balancing, stretching, strengthening, limbering, contortion, flexibility, and tumbling.  

Ms. Lisa's Acro & Tumbling

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