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2023 Summer Workshops

Dance & Acro (Ages 6-13)
May 31st-June 2nd  Acro: Jumpin' Into Summer
Dance: Little Mermaid Musical Theatre
June 5th-9th  Acro: Cartwheels & Aerials
Dance: Zombies
June 12th-16th  Acro: Wacky Walkovers
Dance: Legally Blonde
June 19th-23rd  Acro: Pom & Cheer
Dance: Willy Wonka Musical Theatre
Acro & Dance ages 3-6 offered at Ms. Lisa's Dance! Visit for more info!
June 26th-30th  Acro: Muscle Madness (Strength & Flexibility)     Dance: Snow White
July 5th-7th Acro: Fliptastic 4th of July
Dance: Shrek
July 10th-14th Acro: Backbends & Back Handsprings 
Dance: Haunted Mansion
July 17th-21st Acro: Contortion Crazy 
Dance: Barbie Popstar
July 24th-28th Acro: Tricks & Flips 
Dance: Encanto
July 31st-August 4th Acro: Balance & Bends 
Dance: Tik Tok Dance Trends
August 7th-9th Acro: End of Summer Acro Blast
Dance: Disco Dance Party

Summer 2023 Registration Going On Now!
Summer Workshops are weekly themed Workshops that run May 31st-Aug 9th.

Acro Workshops 9:00-12:00 Daily =$180
Dance Workshops 12:00-3:00 Daily = $180
Both Workshops = $310
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