Summer Workshops

Dance & Acro (Ages 6-13)
June 7th-11th  Dance: Soul (Building Friendships & Confidence) 
Acro: Cartwheels & Aerials
June 14th-18th  Dance: Suessical Musical Theatre 
Acro: Flexibility & Jumps
June 21st-25th  Dance: Jojo Jazz & Pop
Acro: Partner Tricks
June 28th-July2nd  Dance: Cruella Musical Theatre
Acro: Contortion/Cirque Du Soleil
July 5th-9th  Dance: Descendants
Acro: Beam & Balance
July 12th-16th Dance: The Adams Family Musical Theatre
Acro: Pom Poms & Cheer
July 19th-23rd Dance: improv & Student Choregraphy
Acro: backs Bends & Walkovers
July 26th-30th Dance: Cinderella 2 Musical Theatre
Acro: Handstands & Headstands
August 2nd-6th Dance: High School Musical Theatre
Acro: End of Summer Acro Blast
Acro (Ages 3-5)
June 7th-11th Cartwheels & Cupcakes - Flip to Ms. Lisa's Dance for a cartwheel & cupcakes Acro Workshop! Dancers will learn absic acro moves, such as cartwheels, somersaults, and hanstands; while enjoying yummy treats! Dancers will explore baking and cooking as they make & decorate their snacks. It's going to be delicious! 
July 12th-16th Pom Poms & Cheer - 
Give me a 'F', give me a 'U', give me a 'N'. What's that spell? Fun! It's going to be a fun week at Ms. Lisa's as dancers learn cheer and acro dance. Dancers will make their own pom poms to learn cheer routines and acrobatic moves from a professional cheerleader. Don't miss out on this high kickin' week at Ms. Lisa's!
*Acro workshops ages 3-5 run 9:00-12:00 Mon-Fri.
Tuition = $175
Summer Workshops are weekly themed Workshops that run June 7th-Aug 6th.
Dance Workshops 9:00-12:00 Daily =$165
Acro Workshops 12:00-3:00 Daily = $175
Both Workshops = $300